Property Management Services Include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Advice on rental value, marketing and showings. For valuations click here to contact MGNhomes
  • Introduction of suitable tenants.
  • Establishing references including Employment, Credit Ratings and References.
  • Preparation of inventory (if furnished) and schedule of condition.
  • Preparation of Lease Agreements and renewals.
  • Transfer of utilities.
  • Rent collection and distribution.
  • Payment of disbursements.
  • Preparation on monthly statements
  • Regular routine inspections and reports.
  • Supervision and payment of works carried out
  • Inventory checks at determination of tenancy.
  • Preparation of schedule of dilapidation, if necessary.
  • Collection and payment of income tax, where applicable.
  • Sale of property at special rate for existing clients.