VIP Pre-construction Condo - New Aquavista Waterfront Condos From Tridel

Wednesday Mar 08th, 2017


In June of 2013, Toronto condominium developer Tridel Corp. and real estate developer Hines International officially revealed plans for the first residences to be built at the new Bayside community on Toronto’s waterfront. Aqualina at Bayside, a condominium community designed by architectural firm Arquitectonica, will rise on the waterfront location bounded by Sherbourne Common, a new Waterfront Promenade, a new road called Merchants’ Wharf, and Queen’s Quay Boulevard. The new neighbourhood of East Bayfront will contain 3 million square feet of residential and commercial space, all on the water’s edge. As Tridel vice president of sales and marketing, Jim Ritchie, commented at the time, “There are few condominium locations which offer this intimate a connection with Lake Ontario, and fewer still that are as fully integrated into the development of the surrounding area as Aqualina at Bayside Toronto.”

Now there is another. Tridel and Hines have just announced the second phase of development at Bayside: Aquavista. Tridel says the building, designed by the same architectural firm as its next-door neighbour, will be a modern glass building that is ideally positioned for optimal water views “from most suites.”

The massive East Bayfront development, of which Bayside is one thirteen-acre mixed-use neighbourhood, extends all the way from Lower Jarvis Street to Parliament Street. The area had been more or less derelict for years, until Waterfront Toronto was created in 2001 and given the task of redeveloping it. The agency has always stated that it would create something special here, an “intelligent community” that will attract “pre-eminent organizations” from knowledge- and creative-based industries. The neighbourhood will be “vibrant and sustainable,” built on a human scale, with small streets and mews that promote a sense of community, says Waterfront Toronto. The agency chose Hines International to lead the work.

Toronto architecture writer John Bentley Mays wondered, in a Globe and Mail piece on the weekend, whether Waterfront Toronto’s “earnest surveillance and watchfulness” would result in better architecture for the city. The partners in the project—Tridel, Hines and Arquitectonica—“are certainly aiming to make something special” of Aquavista, he concluded. It, like sister community Aqualina, will aim for LEED Platinum. It will also be wired into Canada’s first open-access, ultra-high-speed broadband community network, making it “among the most connected in the world.” Says Waterfront Toronto, “every home and business in the new community will be equipped to become first adopters of the web-based technologies and applications of the future.”

The building itself, according to the architect as quoted by Mays, is meant to suggest a cove. The square building is “scooped out” on the water-facing side, like a cove carved out of the shoreline by the action of the water.


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